Thursday, March 24, 2011


Look.  I super fluffy heart love you guys.  But between work and parenting and school and studying for my CCA, I don't expect to be on too much for the next few weeks.  I only have so much free time, and unfortunately, it's my blog that is going to suffer.
So hang tight, wish me luck, pray for me, and be ready for a few pictures...I'm going to get my hair professionally "done" this Saturday!  No more gray...yaaaaay!


Jennifer M. said...

We'll miss you!!! Good luck on your exam! :)

Kelly said...

Ohhh... can't wait to see your hair!!

I've totally neglected my blog...well all of them actually. I so get that!

confidençai said...

hello my is gabriel ,i wonder how you get so many visitors,
what do you do to achieve..

I REplied in my comments please..

and please translate for me in portuguese translator in google..

please answer me ....

Sarah R said...

Dear Gabriel. I do not speak Portuguese. You'll have to translate it yourself.

D'Rae said...

Good luck and come back wen you can.... I do want to see the new hair though!