Sunday, March 27, 2011

Want To See?

I posted this horrifying pic only to show how bad the gray is now. 
Much better!

It was 91 degrees today...notice my face is flushed and I look kind of sweaty.

Highlights are BLONDE, not GRAY!

Love, love, love, HAPPY!

Oh yes.  I'm actually giddy.

Seriously, this is the best hair in forever.  I don't have a ponytail anymore, but it's manageable and shiny and oh so gorgeous!

On my way to church.  Wearing a shirt that made me sweat so bad, that I wondered if I was hitting menopause today.

But gosh.  I look cute.

Yes.  It's that bright outside.

Ugh.  91 in March.  Blargh!!!


Jennifer M. said...

Cute haircut! :) This reminds me, I've been meaning to get mine cut. I've been toying w/ getting it dyed as well. I only have a few grey hairs, but I've just never dyed mine before so thought it'd be fun! ;) Maybe a little darker? Then when summer gets here, maybe a little lighter? Lol. Who knows...

Kelly said...

You are adorable!!

I'll take your 91. It was all of 37 here today. It's 30s all week and 20s at night. The sun was out though. I did still need a coat and gloves when I walked Chevy. I really should have worn a hat because my ears were freezing after 5 blocks. ahhh...spring should come sometime lol.

Sarah R said...

Jennifer, I've been dying my hair regularly since I was in my late teens. This is my first attempt at blonde, however. And I love it! With summer coming, I'd advise going lighter instead of darker.
And Kelly...thank you. *grin* I feel kind of adorable! I like warm weather, don't get me wrong, but 91 so early in the year is stifling to me.