Thursday, March 17, 2011

501st Post, Plus Some Career News!

I didn't realize my quick apology post was my 500th.  What a bummer.  I should have done something cool for that.
Well, I am happy to report that I am scheduled to take my CCA national coding exam on April 9th.  I'm very excited and definitely scared.  It's not a cheap test and so I really don't want to fail it.  I even requested April 7th and 8th off work, so I can study for two days while the kids are in school.
I have nothing else interesting to share.  But don't worry!  Tomorrow, Mr. R will be home.  We are planning to go to The Winghouse in Daytona Beach for dinner, and then spend the evening at the beach.  I'll definitely take some pictures so hopefully by this weekend, you guys can be jealous of our 80 degree weather in March.  (I'll be jealous of the rest of you come August when I'm miserable with the 102 heat with 98% humidity, I assure you.)


Jill said...

Good luck, super jealous of 80 degree weather

Jennifer M. said...

Ooh good luck!! :)


Sarah R said...

Thanks, Jill and Jennifer. And I'm sorry to report I got no pictures. I kept forgetting my camera. I think I need to buy a smaller point and shoot instead of my huge bulky camera.