Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Do You Think...Outfit Fail?

I realize the glare is horrific.

Glad to see the slip under the dress is doing it's job!

I used a new shampoo and it is NOT GOOD.  My hair, which is normally dry and kind of coarse, was a greasy oil slick today. 

I think this outfit combo looked better in my head than it did in real life.

Scratch this from list of future outfits...or what do you think?

 Dress:  Merona, from eBay.  $15 I think?  It's actually very cute on top, but way too low cut for an office.  Really, this either needs to be for the beach only, or to cut the top off and make this into a skirt. 
White wrap top: Venezia, $5 from Goodwill.  Not a single stain on it, I was shocked.  It's a great basic piece.
Necklace:  made for me by my friend Natalie.
Shoes: nude Target flats, for $6.88.  Horribly uncomfortable but hey, all I do is sit at a desk all day.  No biggie.

Much, much better day at the internship today.  I stayed the entire day, got a ton of coding done, and have basically reassured myself that I am in the right field.  Other employees were commenting on how "able" I was, meaning that I did not need to be babysat.  They just handed me work and I did it, asking questions as needed.  In fact, they had to print extra work for me because I was flying through it so quickly.  It was a great day!


Kelly said...

OK, so I thought it was a skirt. What does the top look like? Can you wear a cami under it to make it more modest?

I think you look adorable actually. And your hair is getting so long!

D'Rae said...

I think the outfit looks good!

Another way to wear the dress is maybe with a cami underneath and a short sleeve cardigan over the top? That might make it more comfortable for you.

Sarah R said...

Kelly...I could wear a cami, but it's way too casual for work. It's a halter top. I can't wear a full bra without straps showing. I may make it into a skirt.

D'Rae...I need some short sleeve cardigans! Long sleeve just won't cut it here in Florida. I may need to hunt for some on eBay!

Sarah R said...
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Shannon said...

So, same goes here... You don't want to wear a loose-fitted cotton skirt because it will balloon around your legs and make you look wider. A skirt that stays closer to your body will make you more curvy instead of boxy. The white shirt looks like it works except that it hits at a weird place on your hips. A bit longer shirt would work better.

I hope these comments are okay... I love that you post your outfits online and look for feedback, and that you're trying to figure out what works! I just might have to make a similar blog myself! :)

Shannon said...

Oops, I wrote that an A-line skirt would work better but I was mixing it up with a pencil skirt. I had the right image in my mind but used the wrong word. :)