Thursday, February 24, 2011

Halfway There

I'm actually quite annoyed with Tiger here.  He refused to get up and take my picture.  He is on the couch.  Notice Nick cartoons are on.

And his enormous feet under the blanket, sticking up.

Plus Hercules the cat has got to eat.

 Dress:  Kiyonna, from eBay.  I think $35. 
Shoes:  American Eagle, from Payless late 2010.
Bad attitude:  all mine.
This morning.  Another outfit which I think looked better in my head than in real life.  For one, even though this skirt has a slip, I think it needs another one.  It is gossamer thin!

But this shirt is fabulous.  It's a bit big on me, but very comfortable.

This tough girl recycles.  Look behind me!

Wearing my red Christmas shoes.  Why?  Because I can.

You gotta look good to code, baby!
Outfit details:  Skirt, Avenue, from...2008?  Probably about $25. 
Shoes: American Eagle, from Payless in 2010. 
Shirt: gift from my sister Kelly from Christmas 2009.
Sunglasses:  Walmart...$200.  The most expensive part of my outfit, they're prescription.


Kelly said...

I like the black outfit, but you need some kind of color. Although the shoes are great!

LOVE that blouse. I had that same one in a black and white print. Sadly (or not I guess lol) it is way too big now. But gosh is it a flattering material and cut.

Your hair just grows so very fast!!

Sarah R said...

Yes, Kelly. I thought the shoes would be enough but I needed more. I'm actually wearing green eyeliner, too.
I love the cut and shape of the pink Kiyonna dress, but not the color. Way too close to my actual skin tone. I like more contrast.
My hair does grow insanely fast. That's why having a haircut doesn't tend to freak me out too much. I figure if I don't like it, it will grow out anyway.

D'Rae said...

I too think you need a bit more color with the black outfit. Maybe a red brooch or flower pin would help it out some?

I love that pink dress! Have you thought about maybe dying it since you don't like the color? Maybe a darker pink or a purple would work?

Sarah R said...

I don't own any pins or brooches at all, D'Rae. Well no, I just remembered I have an autism ribbon pin. So one. Guess that's something else I may need to look into!
I've been thinking about dying this dress a darker pink, too! How funny that you mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I like this outfit. Black looks flattering on everybody i think. ;)

The Art of Being You

Shannon said...

So for this outfit, I agree that a bit of color would make it look better. But not just a brooch or pin but a more a-line skirt. Actually with an a-line the all black might work. I think our tendency is to wear loose fitting skirts because we want to hide all our curves, but a-line skirts actually make us look a lot thinner.