Monday, February 21, 2011


No pictures because I left before the kids were awake.  Remember, today was a federal holiday so there was no school. 

The first day of my internship was both awesome and awful.  One, I am SICK.  No time to reschedule the internship because the lady who is in charge of them?  Her last day is March 4th.  So I have to complete this quickly.  So even though I felt like holy hell, I trudged in.

The first three hours were great.  It turns out, I'm darn good at the coding.  They printed me a day's worth of work (for an intern, not an employee) and I finished it in 4.5 hours instead of 8.  I got a hang of the screens pretty quickly and was coding my little heart out.  Great comeraderie with my trainer, Kendra.  We laughed and chatted between me asking questions about certain accounts.  But eventually, my wracking cough caught the attention of other employees.  One kind lady brought me a handful of cough drops.  Kendra made me a cup of steaming hot tea.  To no avail...I caught my left eye starting to twitch, which it does that when I am about to crash.  (my body is weird that's only my left eye that does that.)  The coughing intensified...and then...the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened.

I coughed so hard that I threw up on myself.  At the desk.  Directly in my lap.

Luckily, it wasn't much.  I grabbed some paper towels stashed in my desk and mopped myself up fast, then ran to the bathroom to get the bits of my lunch off my dress.  (I'd had a can of Progresso Italian wedding soup for lunch.)  Thankfully, I caught it in time, but I couldn't get that vomity smell off me.  I walked back to my desk and whispered to Kendra, "I think I should go home.  I'm not feeling well."  She took one look at me, and said, "Please go home.  Please."  I shut my computer down, stashed my paperwork in the desk, and told her I'd be back tomorrow.  She winked at me and said, "Hope you get some sleep and that cough goes away!"  I drove home, walked into my room, and immediately fell asleep for two hours.  I'm still not feeling any better, to be truthful.  My cough prevails.  I have bags under my eyes that should declared as luggage.  I took the night off school work because I desperately need a night of not thinking. 

In dress code news, I'm still not sure what the deal is around this place.  The office for coders is not directly inside the hospital.  It is in one of the side buildings.  So far as I can tell, a few people follow the dress code, and some people straight up ignore it.  Kendra was wearing a perfectly lovely pair of black slacks, white sleeveless top with a red jacket, and black shoes.  She kicked her shoes off and was wearing purple slippers at her desk which made me grin.  Then I saw another woman who was wearing plaid board shorts, Converse sneakers and a surfing tee shirt.  I actually thought she was a delivery person at first, and didn't realize she was a coder until I saw her two hours later at her desk.  I wore my black dress (the one I wore with the red argyle sweater last week) with my gray flats and the black and white cardigan I wore to the wedding on January 1.  Basic and kind of boring.  Tomorrow, I'm planning to wear a blue & white dress with a white wrap shirt on top, and my nude flats.  On Wednesday, I'm thinking about wearing my pink Kiyonna dress with my purple sash, purple cardigan and purple shoes.  On Thursday, I have a white skirt and black ruffle top planned, and on Friday, my new brown skirt that I wore last week, probably with the red wrap top again.  It appears I do have enough clothes to sustain me if I do end up in this department, which makes me very glad.


Jill said...

well, at least they knew you were sick and not faking it.

D'Rae said...

So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope you get the rest you need. Have a great week!