Sunday, February 20, 2011

Answered Prayer

Just got a 96 on my algebra exam today.  Huge grins!

Now I'm going to bed because I have my internship starting tomorrow in the coding department of the hospital.  There is no school for my kiddos because it's President's Day.  I'm glad.  My first day is going to be nerve wracking enough without worrying about getting the kids out the door on time.  I'll worry about that on Tuesday instead.

I have to complete 45 hours of coding to get credit for my internship.  I am using my vacation time to pay for being out of work for 45 hours.  I took six days off work: February 21-25, and also Monday, February 28.  Normally a work week is 40 hours; I'm hoping I can cram 45 hours into this week and use my PDO day of Monday the 28th as a personal day to calm down after all this craziness.  Not sure if the coding department will allow me to do this, but you never know.  If not, I can work half a day on Monday and still get a bit of time to myself. 

I'm going to try and take pictures of myself this week, but please be prepared for spotty posts.  I have not commuted in 9 years and I'm not used to getting dressed, putting on makeup, making myself breakfast and lunch.  I will be completely out of my element and not only that, but I have finals all next weekend, too.  So in the evenings after my hour long drive, I will be studying and still trying to interact with my children.

Friends, I need prayer that I can make it.  It's only a's only a week.  But it's a hectic week.  Thanks for being there for me!

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D'Rae said...

You can do it!
I will be praying for you!