Monday, January 3, 2011

You've Got To, Get Into The Groove...

What, I grew up in the 80s!  That's a great Madonna song.

I got up at 6am this morning.  Weight, 266. (ugh!)  Blood sugar, 132 (double ugh!)  Laced up my shoes and went for a half mile walk.
Note to self:  Just because you're walking doesn't mean you can't be cold.  Bring a jacket.
Another note to self:  Falling asleep in your work out pants pretty much guarantees that I can't talk myself out of exercising.  I may do that from now on.
More notes to self:  Drink water.  Eat breakfast first.  And have the coffee pot ready at night so all you have to do is flip the switch as one is running out the door.  That way the house smells all coffee-happy when I return.

It was an excellent start.  Praying that I can keep it up during these next crazy four months of work, full time college, and always full time parenting.

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