Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Great Start

I did my walk yesterday and went to the gym.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to hop back on and didn't lose much of the progress I'd made except for my biceps and shoulders.  My shoulders, specifically my left, will be an issue for the rest of my life due to a devastating car accident in 2002.  It's one of those things I live with on a daily basis and I've come to accept.
My weight this morning was 264...a two pound drop already.  However, my blood sugar was awful...145.  I know what did it...I had an ice cream cup last night.  Guess I won't be seeing those again.
This morning, I am having a half cup of oatmeal with no sugar...actual real oatmeal.  My usual coffee.  And a snack pack of pears in their natural juices.  Oatmeal tastes pretty bland without sugar, so I'm thinking I may throw my pears into it.  Or else this is going to be a long drawn out breakfast.
**I just did that...much better! Gobble gobble gobble!*
My schedule at work is looking great.  I shouldn't have a problem getting to the gym again today.  Today, I intend to work on my lower body strength. 
I also bought bananas for cheap at the grocery store because they were about to go bad; going to make banana whole grain muffins for myself for the week.  I have whole grain flour, plus hemp powder and flaxseed to throw in there.  Should be a hearty, filling muffin for a great pick me up throughout the day!
I'm going to buckle down and work, but I hope my readers have a blessed day!

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Kelly said...

Those muffins sound yummy. I like to buy the speckled bananas on sale because that is how I like to eat them. Last Thurs. they were all green as grass. They are still pretty green. My boys are eating them. They'll be gone before they are ripe enough for me.

I have been putting 1/2 c. canned pumpkin into my oatmeal (the last few minutes of cooking just to warm through) with some pecans and 1 T brown sugar and some fat free milk. I put an egg white in while cooking today and it was custard like consistency. Very filling and tastes like I'm eating pumpkin pie.

Went to Zumba today. Much nicer instructor, less intense, I can actually keep up. I'm going to like this class much better.

Yay You on going to the gym!!