Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sarah Discovers Patterns!

Shut up, peeps.  I'm wearing horizontal stripes.  And no makeup.  And my hair is wet!

Wasn't sure if I would like a horizontal price, but for the price of $7.40, I bought two!  I have a second one in gray stripes.

We own a fireplace.  In Florida.  It's under the arch, behind my fat head.  Do you like the paint?  Our walls are a tropical blue, and the plant shelves are painted the same color as our floors.  Roscoe's crate is over there for now.  And we don't own end tables; I'm not sure why?  We have bar stools as tables.  How sad is that, lol.

Kitchen view, which is going to be painted the same blue very soon.  Trying to decide if I'm going to paint ugly pink cabinets the same wood tone color, or go white.  It's actually a dark room; I'm leaning toward white.  White and blue are so crisp and clean with the stainless appliances.  Plus most of my fancier things are red and would probably look great.

I rarely, rarely blow dry my hair.  But I don't think I'll be taking wet hair pictures again.

Here's to trying new things!  Hooooray!


Jennifer M. said...

Thats okay - we dont have end tables either. Lol. I want some but the cheapest i can find is at Walmart for $99 each and even that seems too expensive to me! Im such a cheapskate - for certain things. I have no end tables but i have an ipad. Go figure. Lol.

ThriftyMomma said...

LOL...I like buckets art! maybe you could give him a steady supply of Filmo (thinks that's the name) clay so he can create all the time and perhaps it would cure the inappropriate behavior you talked about. ya know! keep the hands oh and I like your stripes. Wish my hair was thick like yours!

Sarah R said...

Jennifer: I keep thinking I want an iPad, but is it any different than just having a laptop? I don't need to duplicate stuff in my house, you know? I'm headed out in a bit today to pick up my vitamins and look through the racks at Goodwill; going to see if they have any end tables. Funny how those bar stools didn't bother me until I posted them on my blog. Now I have the urge to replace them, stat!

Thrifty Momma: I have never heard of Filmo. I'll look into it. Bucket has always hated art, to be truthful. He never liked to color or paint unlike my other two kiddos. That is one of the facets of autism, a real aversion to small motor skills. He used to have a real issue with scissors too; just the sensation of having his little fingers contorted used to make him scream in agony.
My hair could be claimed as an extra dependent on my taxes. Do you see how thick and wild it is even when it's wet? I admit, I do love my hair, I wish it was a bit longer so it would get weighed down and lie a bit flatter. When it's short, it is wild and kind of curly and tends to drive me bonkers. I've been known to snap barrettes in half and break hair ties at the metal part.

Jennifer M. said...

You know, i thought about it long and hard before buying mine. I have a laptop and an iPhone and wasn't sure I "needed" another device. Then i found myself reading a LOT of books on my iPhone - both in the iBooks app and the Amazon Kindle app. It's doable on the iPhone but the screen is pretty small, plus there's no real way to sync your iBooks books to your computer to read.

Anyway, i started looking for book readers that were a bit larger than my iPhone, to make it more comfortable to read books at home especially (iPhone is find when you're out and about), and found that the only reader that can handle both the Kindle format and the iBooks format is the iPad! So... I saved up a bit and got the smallest wifi-only one.

I totally love it! Reading's way easier on here because you can see the whole page. Also you can do other things easier, like watching Netflix (which is kind of awkward on my laptop because it tends to overheat). Anyway i find myself still using my laptop for writing-intenstive things, but for media-consumption, the iPad is definitely the way to go.

Jennifer M. said...

PS: i went out and bought two end tables yesterday!! I found some at Kmart for $40 each that looked very similar to the ones I liked at Walmart, so i got them. I also got some cute little lamps there too, which i needed in my living room as well. It almost might look like a grown-up lives here now!! Lol.

Sarah R said...

Awesome about the end tables. I didn't see any at Goodwill. And I drove right past KMart and didn't go in. Phooey! I scored at Goodwill on other stuff: bought three books for Tiger because they have to have a book at all times in his reading class, and he's read every book in the house. I bought a striped tank top, a pattern 3/4 sleeve tee, a white wrap top and a chocolate brown wrap dress for $19!