Monday, December 13, 2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Tiger and I went to see them in Orlando, at the new Amway Center.  Nice place.  My butt fit into a cheap seat just fine.  But I'm only 5 foot 4-5 depending on my posture and I felt cramped.  Luckily, no one was sitting in front of us, and I kicked my feet out.  But man, had I needed to sit for a while, I would have been in pain.!

I promise you, I'm not sad.  Missy said, "Mom, stay perfectly still."  And so I did.
I think this outfit looked better in my head than it did in real life.  I think the skirt is a bit too long. 
The top is pretty, but awkward.  It's an Igigi, and I bought it off eBay for $25.  It's a size 18/20 and is enormous in the shoulders on me.  I wore a strapless bra with it, and felt ok in that.  The lining is nude colored and everyone I ran into thought I was naked underneath.  Not sure if that is the point?
It's the orchestra.  I made him take off his Mountain Dew tee shirt and wear an actual dress shirt.  This happens to be Mr. R's silk shirt.  I think Tiger looks so...manly.  I'm proud to say his mustache is finally thicker than mine.  LOL.
I just love him so much.
Happy times in Orlando!

Outfit details:
Igigi lace top, eBay, $25.
Black skirt, Avenue (2008?) for I think $25.
Tights, George, $4.  They're a size 4x which is way bigger than I normally wear, but they sure as heck kept me warm on a very chilly (28!) Orlando night.
Black flats are Fitzwell, 2007 I think, $60?  They used to have a little tie on them but they fell off and I lost them.  Considering putting something there because they sort of look naked.


D'Rae said...

I think the outfit looks lovely on you!

My husbands family was also there! They had a good time as well.

java ukigoshi said...

merry christmas all

java ukigoshi said...

merry christmas all