Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Hair, Christmas Tree, I'm Wearing Makeup!!!I

I am awful at taking my own picture.

The cherry cola streaks did not come out.

But my eyebrows look fabulous!

There is nothing on me that is skinny.  Big hair, thick brows, huge eyes, large nose, full lips.  I was made to be big!

We have initial stockings.  I'm S...Mr. R is the J, and the kids are M, G, and L.

The sun is shining brightly for now.  Should be some crazy rain and a major cold front coming through today.

I figured out how to smile!

Dress: Maggy London, from eBay.  $20
Purple cardigan: Avenue, I think $20.  Probably last year.
Green earrings: from a friend who no longer speaks to me, but I still like the earrings.
Shoes: the nude ones from Target.

Ok, peeps, I'm off to church.  No one is coming with me; having three rebellious angry teenagers all at once is completely sapping my energy and goodwill, so I'm going alone to pray and get calm before I walk back into the craziness.
Oh!  And I'm going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight with my sister, brother-in-law, and Tiger.  Two other kids didn't want to go.  I'm excited about that show.  Never seen them before.


Kelly said...

Sarah, you have a beautiful smile! LOVE that last picture. Your hair looks really cute, too.

Sarah R said...

Thanks Kelly. I just got it trimmed and now it's not as crazy bushy as it was before. I had it thinned out so it will grow and be a bit longer again. Although I don't think I'll go waist length again!