Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Ok to Tell Me to Shut Up!

I'm on vacation this week.  Remember what I wrote a few days ago?  If not, I'll post it here in red for you:

"On Wednesday, I have a lot of kids outgrown clothing and used books to drop off at Goodwill. I intend to spackle some holes in the wall of my living room. I'm also going to give a deep cleaning of both bathrooms of the house, and possibly fix a few holes in the bathroom of the kids. I may even paint their bathroom if I get real ambitious. I also intend to wrap some of the gifts I purchased so I can stop hiding them in my underwear drawer."

Yeah.  Was I dreaming or something?

I got up at 6am.  Still had to get the boys out the door.  I made a real breakfast, read Phillipians with a lovely cup of coffee, and started laundry.
By 8am, I had already done two loads of laundry, one load of dishes, and read the directions on the spackle.  "Do not use if temperature is under 40."
Thermostat:  28.
Uhhhh, I guess this can wait until this afternoon?
Decided to tackle kids bathroom.  I was dreading it.  You see, I don't clean their bathroom.  Ever.  I figure they're old enough to clean it themselves. 
I was WRONG.
This room has to be the filthiest room I've ever been in, in my life.  It makes gas station bathrooms look spotless.  I cleaned the walls in the tub area and literally, there were rivulets of mud coming down.  Their tub needs a second scrubbing, because my arm got so tired that I needed a break.  I scraped old bars of soap off the perimeter of the tub.  I dropped cotton balls of bleach into the corners because even scrubbing didn't move the mold that had collected there.  I found at least 6 filthy razors just laying on the floor, behind the toilet, under the sink.  Only Missy is shaving at this point, so I'm really going to yell at her when she gets home.  I found...count em...SIXTEEN EMPTY BOTTLES OF SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER either behind the toilet, under the sink, or just laying on the floor.  I also found washcloths that were crusty and smelling like mold, a loofah that was growing its own colony of bacteria, and cat vomit in the corner.  I was so grossed out that I actually gagged.  I yanked a metal shelf out of their bathroom that was completely rusted.  It used to hold their folded towels and washcloths because our house doesn't have a linen closet.  I've decided I'm going to store their towels in a crate under the sink, and washcloths in a basket on top of the toilet.

I'm not even done scrubbing this bathroom.  I have an alarm on my phone to remind me to eat lunch (thanks, diabetes type 2!) so I took a break and ran up to Ace to buy a putty knife and get a bean burrito from Taco Bell.  While I was gone, the cat threw up in my office.  I was gone for less than 5 minutes, I swear!!!  I picked up the kitty vomit, and spent fifteen minutes just eating and relaxing.

After my burrito, I traded laundry out again.  It is now 1:15, and I am on my SIXTH load of laundry.  I have at least two more.  I'm on the second load of dishes.  The area behind the kids toilet was so disgusting that I actually took the kids showerhead, turned on the hot water, and just sprayed the floor to loosen whatever grime might be back there.  I haven't even cleaned the toilet, the sink, or mopped the floor.  I want to cry.

Oh, and it is finally warm enough, that I spackled the holes in the wall of the living room.  At least that's done.
There will be no trip to Goodwill today.  I don't feel like wrapping gifts right now, and I'm not even sure I have any tape in the house right now anyway.  I doubt I will even get to clean my bathroom, and I'll be damned if I paint their bathroom today. 

I should have gone on a cruise or something.


Anonymous said...'s a thought. make them clean it.

Sarah R said...

Well, anon, had you read the entire post, you'd see that they had been. And not doing a good job. Which is why I swooped in there to help. I wasn't happy with how it was going.
But thanks for stopping by.