Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pardon the Self Portraits

I'm trying to learn how to take pictures of my face without looking cross eyed.  I admire so many bloggers who take pictures, one shot.  And they look fabulous!  and this is what happened.  I like this one because of how it shows my dark hair against my blue eyes.  That is always one of my favorite features.

See, not as crazy about this one.  My nose looks enormous. 

Ok, I don't look cross eyed, I was purposely looking away from the camera.  My favorite part of this picture is my lips.  I very rarely wear lipstick because my lips are really big and I don't like getting nasty comments about them.

I'm forcing myself to write something I like about every picture.  I like this picture because my nails look nice today.  And I have no blemishes right now.

I like this picture because it shows that I have actual cheekbones, not just chubby cheeks.

I like this picture because my eyebrows look pretty good.  They really need to be plucked on a regular basis because they're so bushy.

I like this picture because it looks like I'm up to something no good!  Awesome smirk, lol.

Is it ok to keep mentioning my eyes?  I am not trying to brag on myself, but I really think they're beautiful.  They're a gorgeous shade of gray and blue.  Steely, I guess.  But they're striking and I get comments on how pretty they are all the time. 

I'm thrilled that my  hair is growing out.  I think by February, it will be a wavy shoulder length mess which is what I prefer.

Yayyyyy, Mr. R is going to be home on Thursday!

I wonder what I'll make for dinner?

Finally, a straight ahead picture; and I look cross eyed.  I give up.


Karla said...

I can never figure out how to take pictures of myself!!! LOL you crack me up

Sarah R said...

It's hard to take self portraits! I'm always looking at the view finder and for some reason, that's where I go cross eyed. lol

Anonymous said...

You don't look cross eyed!