Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Department Meeting Style

My reluctant photographer is Bucket.  He complained the entire time he took pictures.  Mark photography off list of possible careers for him.

If only this was centered.

I am apparently the Queen of Goofy Smiles.

Dress:  Merona by Target, from eBay.  I think $15.  Size 1x.
Purple cardigan, Avenue.  Cannot remember how much I paid for it, but I'm guessing around $25.
Boots that you can't see: Avenue, for $19.99 July 2008.  Yes, they were selling boots in Florida in July.  That's why I got em for $20!
Necklace: gifted, by coworker Carmella.  Authentic pookah shells from Hawaii.
Navy blue tank top for modesty: WalMart, $2.
Autism pin: free from my autism walk back in November.
Purple sash: from a Kiyonna top, but it matches the purple cardigan perfectly!

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