Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Doing Something New Today

I'm going to a mandatory department meeting, and no one is watching the kids.
Yeah, you heard me.
Normally, I'd wake Missy and tell her she's in charge.  She loves that kind of thing.  I don't think there is anything Missy likes better than bossing her brothers around, except maybe a good pair of jeans.
But she's not here.
She spent the night at a friend's house last night.  I forgot that I needed her to be here today.
So the boys will be here alone.
Before you go reporting me to the authorities, the boys are 12 and 13.  Certainly old enough to care for themselves.  They will do the same thing they do every day; play video games, eat everything in the pantry, and watch TV.  I really don't need to be here for this to happen.
I will remind them not to answer the door and to leave my work phone alone.  I will hide the matches.  And I already called Mr. R and asked him to call the boys continuously on the cell, just to tick them off.
I guess we're all growing up.


Jennifer M. said...

Yeah I'd say they're old enough. Don't worry!

Sarah R said...

Jennifer! I'VE MISSED YOU!!! I was just wondering about you yesterday. I'm so glad you popped back in, I forgot to bookmark your site. Yaaaaaay!