Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Can't Believe I Forgot

But...HAPPY 16TH ANNIVERSARY TO MY HONEY, MR. R!!!  (on August 6)

Sixteen reasons I love Mr. R:

1) He is a godly man.
2) He loves me!
3) He is an amazing daddy.
4) He is so smart it makes me sick that he never went to college.
5) He knows how to do stuff that boggles my mind.  Broken pipes, fixed.  Laying floors, done. 
6) He's a musician, so our home will always be filled with music.
7) He knows what he is doing once the doors are closed.  I will go no further than that.
8) He is a hard worker.  I have issues with lazy men; quite a few of my friends from the past would work two jobs while their bfs/men would sit home and scratch.  I seriously do not like that.
9) He gives amazing head rubs.  I will fall asleep in three minutes flat when he starts to play with my hair.
10) He can grill a steak like no other.
11) If I ask him how I look, he will give me real criticism, and not "you look fine, dear."  He will say, "What about your red shoes, or how about a necklace?"  He doesn't blow me off when I'm being girly.
12) Even though he is a guy's guy through and through, he has no issues helping me with housework.  He will wash dishes, mop floors, and wash windows.  The only thing he won't do is my laundry because he doesn't want to ruin my stuff, and I appreciate that.
13) He can actually decorate.  Most of our house colors and furniture was picked out by him.  I can always tell him no, but so far, I've liked everything he's picked out.
14) When I'm sick, he will take care of me.  After the second car accident when I couldn't move my legs, he helped me get up and move to the bathroom and learned how to put on my bras (it's a lot harder than getting them off, he learned!)  He came home when I had my concussion and woke me up every couple hours to make sure I didn't have a stroke.  Romantic, no?
15) I can talk to him about anything.  He is not boring. 
16) He is the kind of person that even if we weren't married, I'd be friends with him.  I don't just love him...I LIKE HIM TOO.

Happy 16th, babe!  Here's to at least 16 more.  I adore you.

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Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Happy anniversary, Sarah and Mr. R!

May you enjoy many more years of wedded bliss.