Saturday, August 14, 2010

Botched Up Hair!!!

You guys know how I cut my hair about a month or two ago, right?  And how I loved it, right?  And you know how my hair grows really fast, right?  And so I needed a trim, right?


Have you ever tried to take a picture of the back of your head.  Is difficult.  Ok, now, I like the back.  My hair is not quite straight, not curly.  I've always loved the wavy quality of my hair.  So this works.  Mama likey.

This is the front.  Mama no likey.  It is poofy.  I feel like an enormous QTip.  This is what it looks like after I've dumped about half a container of leave in conditioner in it.  Pardon my lack of makeup, because I don't wake up gorgeous, ok?  It's hard work, I tell you!  My pouty lip will tell you how I feel about this situation!

I looked stunned, no?  As in, what happened?  Did a lady with scissors attack me?  Nice bangs!  But oy, the rest!  And seriously, when am I going to give in and get a nose job?  It takes up 3/4 of my face.  But not to pat myself on the back here, my eyes are so pretty.  I love my blue eyes!

It wings out weird on the side.  Not sure if that's just the natural volume of my hair, or if it's cut wrong.

This is me at the beach two weeks ago.  I didn't like this hair either.  Not one bit.  Which is why I went back to get a haircut.  This is way too Kate Gosselin for me.  Short in the back, long in the front.  

Oh yes.  I rock it like that.  

Look, I don't wear makeup at the beach.  All it does is melt off my facey.  So no guys hit on me at the beach, I assure you.  On this particular day, I was next to a bunch of chain smoking rednecks who insisted on playing "Free Bird" over and over.  And they sang to it.  Badly.

So that is the hair!  What do you guys think?  I am thinking about going back and demanding they thin out the top so I can avoid the qtip look.  Should I shave it all off?  (Please don't tell me yes to that.)  I will not do extensions.  Just grin and bear it?  Dye it purple so it looks like I did my hair like this on purpose?  TELL ME BECAUSE MR. R IS DUE HOME IN A FEW DAYS AND HE IS GONNA FLIP.


Kelly said...

I'd probably go back and ask them to shape the front differently. And your hair grows fast, so it will only look like that a few weeks.

I like the beach hair. Not at all Kateish. LOVE the sunglasses!

Sarah R said...

Well, I think it's pretty clear that I'll be growing my hair out. Good news is, it should be down to my shoulders by Thanksgiving. I'm lucky like that.

Sarah R said...

Oh, and those are cheapie Target sunglasses I think. Maybe $8? I have about five pairs in the house. I lose and find them over and over.