Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Sort of Hit a Goal

Ok, so, I've only lost about six pounds, which is the grand scheme of things is not a whole lot.  However, I am proud to note that I've worked out the entire summer.  I have not given up, I have not walked away.  I was took a trip to Target today with Missy and of course went to the plus size section to see if anything awesome was on sale (nope.  Unless you count swimsuits and they never fit me right.)  I adore my dresses so I looked over there, and saw the most gorgeous dress.  It is a brown and cream geometric print, and I happen to love me brown and cream.  It's like coffee!  But...bummer!  The size 2, which is Target's vanity sizing which is really 18/20, was out.  No size 2.  I stuck out my lower lip again like I did in the picture below.  I looked at the size 1.  Hmmm.  Nah...I've only lost six pounds.  The 14/16 is not going to fit me.  I walked away to check out tank tops; you know, because the 28 I already have is not enough.  The Target near me has a pretty sad plus size selection so it didn't take me long to look around.  All they had on clearance was gaudy tee shirts with big flowers stuck to them; I could see why they were on clearance.  I sighed.  I saw another lady walk over to the brown and cream dress, and pick up the size 1.  She looked it over, made a face, and put it down.  I decided to run over and grab it.  What's the harm in trying it on, right?
I am so glad I did.  Peeps, it fit.  The 14/16 FIT ME!!!
I'm going to wear it to church tomorrow. 
However, in not so awesome news: I bought a pair of khaki capri pants at Goodwill that were a size 24 and fit great.  24!!!!
Maybe this whole "I want to be a size 10/12" is not a great idea.  Because Target's 10/12 can be someone else's 18/20, and then I will haz a sad.  And I don't like those.
Anyway, I have an entire closet full of size 18/20 or size 2 dresses which are getting dangerously loose.  As in, I flashed Nicola when I leaned into her car window yesterday.  Dresses are nice in that the skirt part generally fit you whether you are apple shaped, pear shaped, or hourglass.  It appears to me that right now, I'm mostly losing weight in the bust/shoulder/arm area.  So what I suppose I should do is take a day off work, pull out my sewing machine, and pull in the shoulder seamings on all my dresses.  I don't have the money to replace my clothing, and I haven't lost enough weight to justify buying a ton of new clothes.  Besides, I like my clothes.  Most everything I have, is because I love the cut and color.  So taking stuff in seems to make sense.
But this is good, friends.  Slow and steady progress is making me happy, despite the hair.


Emily Sandford said...

Don't ever say things like "only 6 pounds" because you should be damn proud of those! (I know I need to practice my own advice sometimes...)
I'm happy for you!

Sarah R said...

You know what, you're so right Emily. It was a hard earned six pounds, too. Thanks for the pep talk!