Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's That Time of Year

For strawberries in Central Florida! Aren't they gorgeous? I used to not like strawberries very much. When I was a little girl, my uncle Keith told me that strawberries were cut up tongues. (If you slice them lengthwise in half, they really do look like it!) It was not until many, many years that I even began attempting to cook with them. I like strawberry sauce on my ice cream, which is what I'm making here.

Powdered sugar on top.

Some good ol orange juice!

And here I am with the finished product. And um, I'm sorry about this shot. Now you can understand my previous rant about tops that are either too high cut or too low cut. I had a sunburn, so low cut it was this day.

And this is what is left, so I decided to freeze them with some sugar. And after all that, this is sort of who I feel like:

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Jennifer M. said...

Yum!! I'm jealous. Strawberry season here in Oregon doesn't start until around June. I love strawberries!