Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am No Musician...

So Mr. R decided it was high time I learned how to play a bass. Except...he can't read music. And I have no actual interest in learning. But, when he decided something must be done, then done it will be! And then we decided to take pictures because there are NO pictures of me recently. And yet these are the ones I choose to share? Oh well. Just be glad they're not swimsuit pictures, ok?

Me: "Can you see my gut?"
Him: "Not really, but isn't that way you wear black anyway?"
Me: "Well....yes!"

Pink flip flops! Rawrrrr!
Are those underwear under my table? I think it's a towel. Hey, I'm keeping it real here.


Kelly said...

Sarah, you crack me up! Have fun learning the bass, like it or not :-P

Sarah R said...

I have no rhythm! It is really quite sad.

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah that was my problem too. I actually minored in music and have no idea how I passed. I have absolutely no rhythm! Lol.