Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Clothing Post

As ya'll know, I'm slated to graduate from Herzing University Online next year. It's been long, drawn-out (due to my own prescribed 6 month sabbatical) but extremely useful and I'm glad that I did it. So far, there has not been one class that was not worth my time (except for keyboarding...I should have been able to test out of that. I type 93 wpm, for reals) and I've learned a lot.

Well, here is my dilemma. I am more than likely going to be getting a different job, which will require me to, you know, SHOW UP. Which means that my sundresses, tank top and flip flop closet is not going do me any good. I'm going to have to wear REAL CLOTHES!!! With actual shoes that hide my toes and decent bras and tasteful make-up. It's almost like I'm a grown up or something!

Now, my plan is hopefully to work from home like I do now, but if I switch to another department within the hospital, there is guaranteed to be some in-house training. At the very least. So I've started shopping online, trying to pick up a collection of clothes that I can get through at least two weeks without worrying about laundry. I don't know if this is because I'm getting older, but I've been mostly buying dresses. Wrap dresses, to be precise. I love them and they're flattering but I'm not sure how professional they are. Not only that, but the hospital has a very strict NO TATTOO clause which means I will either have to wear tights, or find a very good tattoo cover up for my ankle tat. That makes me think I should be looking for classy pants instead. But...I am not a fan of pants. I have a really huge butt and a little waist. So if the pants fit my butt, you can see right down my crack. If the pants fit my waist, I am going to pop the seams from my rear trying to escape.

And shoes. I love open toed shoes. Closed toe shoes make my feet sweat. I also don't do pantyhose. I mean, I live in a swamp. Those things are the devil, I tell you!

And why, why oh why are tops either extremely matronly (high necked turtlenecks in 105 degree weather?) or made for clubbing? Can retailers not make a single scoop neck or v-neck shirt without me looking like a bra model? I like the idea of showing off my collar bone, but not the tops of my cleavage. I want to be taken seriously, not as the girl with huge knockers and a sweet ankle tat.

Maybe I should get a suit...


D'Rae said...

Wrap dresses are suitable. You can even wear a cami underneath if you are prone to cleavage breakouts.

I would invest in some pretty flats. Yes they are closed toe, but they are cute enough and light enough that you could probaly get by with them.

Tattoo I have no idea with. Hopefully you can find some good makeup or something to cover it. If that doesn't work, you can always wear a band-aid. lol!

Sarah R said...

My mom said band-aid too! You are TOO FUNNY. I don't like Target flats, but I can look on zappos. Target flats fall apart and never come in wide width, which I need.
My boobs ALWAYS want to come out and say hello...I must own about 40 tank tops/camis. I love them. I wear them alone when I'm home by myself, wear them to the beach over my swimsuit, wear them under dresses, I even wear them as pj tops. I'm crazy about them!

Jennifer M. said...

I swear the clothing manufacturers hate us all! Even when I genuinely was as skinny as a toothpick (back in high school), I still had a hard time finding clothes that fit properly.

My advice: just go out there to the stores and try EVERYTHING on. Eventually you'll find some styles that look good on your body type. I don't particularly like clothes shopping, but I've forced myself to try harder and eventually I have found things that work. It just takes a little perseverance.

Miriam said...

Sarah R, you are hilarious... I so love that you are a blogger... keep it up friend, your voice is loud, clear and awesome!