Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pizza Night

Just thought I'd share a few photos of our weekly Friday pizza night. This time, Mr. R's sister, Sissy joined us, along with her son (my nephew!) Brandon. I can't think of a fake name for him right now. I hadn't seen him in about three years. Darned shame, he's a good kid. This is the first picture of all four of them together...ever. I have a picture of Brandon, Missy and Tiger from Christmas 1999, but Bucket wasn't in it. That was when we were going through some of the awful autism stuff, and I couldn't get him to stand still for the picture. Notice Missy never let go of her phone. Priorities, people. Priorities.

"Look, people. I just want to check my facebook and eat pizza. What's your problem?"

My handsome nephew. He looks a lot like his father, I think.

Sissy and Missy. Sissy is Mr. R's younger sister.

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