Monday, March 29, 2010

What Do SAHMs DO All Day?!?!

I read the blog of one lady who earnestly asked this question. I was instantly brought back to the days when I had three under the age of three. It was...hectic. To say the least. Missy was born in July 95, Tiger in April 97, and Bucket in July 98. I was twenty-three when Bucket was born. Can ya'll imagine how many I would have ended up with had Mr. R not had his vasectomy? Anyhoodles, I decided for the sake of my bloggy friend, to tell her what I did all day. Here it goes:

I've been a stay at home mom, and it is not easy. First, I get woken up two to three times a night by someone screaming to suck on me. Then, I get up and get breakfast ready for three kids. While nursing the little one. I might throw a cup of coffee in my mouth. Then, clean up after breakfast while the kids watch Sesame Street, start a load of laundry. Then we'd end up at the library or the park (anything free), come home, have snack. Clean up after that. Transfer the laundry. Change everyone's diaper. Oh, I'm still breastfeeding, too. Set up a craft for the kids who are able, like coloring and painting. Remember to set out meat for dinner later. Put the baby down for a nap, and then spend time with the bigger kids. Start making lunch. Fold the laundry from the dryer, and do another laundry transfer. Set lunch on the table, while at the same time cleaning up the wretched mess from the painting/coloring. Baby screaming, run in to get him. Sit down and nurse him after changing him. Hear a scream from the dining room, someone dropped the juice. Mop that up, put the two older kids down for a nap while I spend time with the baby. Run dishwasher, do another laundry transfer. Get dinner started for tonight. Play itsy bitsy spider with the baby, change his diaper again, then go into the bedroom and realize the toddler had a major poop blow out. Decide that our afternoon activity is going to be bubble baths and more laundry. Fill the tub with water, put in bubbles, strip all kids naked, and grab the bath toys. They play in the tub for an hour until they look like senior citizens. Of course, I have to sit there the entire time, because they are too little to be left alone. Look in the mirror and realize I've been walking around all day with pink plastic barrettes in my hair when my daughter decided to play beauty shop earlier. Yes, I went to the library like that. Fabulous. Get kids out of the tub, dry everyone off, put fresh diapers on the two little ones and figure we might as well put on pjs at this point. Get everyone in the living room and turn on the longest kiddo movie I know, which is Sleeping Beauty. It's about 2hrs and 15 mins, which means I have time to now get the poopy sheets and blankets and throw them in the wash so hopefully he can have them back by bedtime. Fold clothes from the dryer. Preheat oven. Find the baby crawling backwards and getting stuck under the crib again, so have to crawl under the crib to get him. Time to sit down and nurse. Again. Nope, need to hop up, and nurse while pouring drinks in toddler cups for those enthralled with Sleeping Beauty. Throw meatloaf in oven. Phone rings. Ignore it. Phone rings again. Realize it's my husband. He calls to tell me that his friends are coming over after work and to please make sure I've vacuumed. Laugh hysterically and hang up on him. His friends can vacuum when they get here if it's that important. Turn around and realize the younger toddler has thrown up on himself. Strip him again, this time I put him in the sink to give him a very quick bath since he just had a very long bubble bath. Change the baby's diaper. Paint my daughter's toenails because we're pretty sure Aurora from Sleeping Beauty had pretty nails, and she wants them too. Change laundry out again. Hubby and four friends walk in the door. Two kids run to their dad, I hand the baby over, say hello to the guys, and promptly go in my bathroom and lock the door and stay there for an hour.

That's what I did all day, anyway. ;)
Hope that helped!

btw, I have teenagers now. I was laughing hysterically when I was typing it out. I had forgotten much of it...possibly out of desperation.

Jennifer, thanks for the memories. I miss those times when mine were little, but watching them grow up has been a complete joy. I'm also very glad I don't wash poopy blankets anymore.


Jennifer M. said...

Oh man, that's awesome! Thank you, Sarah! I will never again complain about a SAHM not being busy. Oh my word, I had no idea! Lol. I think I should take my cat and my quiet house and be very very thankful. I mean, I do want kids someday, when I'm married (which hopefully will happen before too long!), but for now, it is nice to not have to do 5 loads of laundry a day and wipe up messes every time I turn around only to have company show up unexpectedly for dinner. Oh man, that's so funny. I appreciate you sharing!

Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Sarah R said...

I'm glad you took it well, Jennifer. Not every day was like that, I admit. Some were easier, some were worse (throw in three kids with fevers and Mommy having pms!), but it was a wonderful experience that I'm glad I lived through.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic response to Jennifer's question. It's really hard for a non-parent to imagine what a full day of parenting is like. I'm having my first in May and you made me ecstatic that I'm not having twins or triplets. LOL

Sarah R said...

And you know what, Penguin. If I suddenly had one more today, I'd still be thrown for a loop. Every child is different!