Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am on vacation the next three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope to share some amazing pictures of the children and I having some fun. Unfortunately, Mr. R got sent to Mississippi for a plant load. We're going to miss him, of course, but we can party hardy without him.

Stay tuned for: beach pictures! bowling pictures! my organized desk area! biscuit baking! cookie making!

Oh yes my friends. I will bombard you with images of my staycation. Stay tuned!!!


Kelly said...

Have a fabulous trip Sarah. I'll be looking forward to those beach pictures. It is rainy, gray and cold here.

Sarah R said...

I feel bad telling you that it's gorgeous here. But it is! Mid 70s, breezy, bright blue skies. You can brag about your cooler summer days when I want to die of heat exhaustion here come July.