Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hey everyone! I have not posted in a while because:

1) My new class is very challenging
2) We have two people out at work and so I'm doing the work of three people
3) Mr. R was home for five days and I spent time with him, not on the computer

It was nice having him home. We finally moved my office to a different part of the house. Now I get to look outside at the backyard, instead of staring at a wall. I love it!

I'm not sure if any of you guys remember that last year, I toyed with the idea of having the surgery to fix my bladder issues. I decided not to do it, because of my dream of having another baby. Well, here I am, another year later, no closer to the dream baby. However, I am wearing a diaper. Pleasant, no? I've been sick since January; I mean, I feel fine now, but I still have a lingering cough and I wet myself every time. (I'm so sorry if this is TMI) I told Mr. R I was sick of the diaper, sick of changing my clothes three times a day, sick of ruining my underwear. So I decided to go for a consult with a urologist.

It turns out, I really do have some major issues. I have to go in for something called urodynamics next Monday, where they put in a catheter (shudder) and measure the strength of your bladder when they put stress on it or something like that. I also have to go in for a cystoscopy (when they stick a scope in there to look for cysts or other fun things.) After all this, the procedure I'll be having is called a vaginal bladderneck suspension. It is basically a sling that holds up your bladder so that you don't wet yourself every time you move. It is an inpatient procedure, meaning I will be in the hospital for at least one day, possibly more. I will probably wait to have it done over the summer, because I want Mr. R home to take care of me, and not my mom. I love my mom, but this is pretty private personal stuff and I'd rather have my husband. And I figure that it would be best if he didn't have to deal with school stuff because he will never get them out the door on time.

What does this mean about babies? Frankly, nothing. Mr. R still says that he wants to have more children. I hear the talk, but see no walk. Every time we have money to put down for his surgery, he bails on me. Now he is telling me he wants to wait a few more years...well, that is not really good for me. I'm going to be 35 this year. My thinking is, I'll have the surgery. And if he chooses to get the reversal, that's fine. It will ruin the procedure, but it doesn't actually hinder pregnancy. And if he chooses not to get the procedure, at least I'll be out of diapers. I'm really, really over them.

In more cheerful news, I am scheduled for a short mini-vacation from March 29-31. I'm giving myself a 5 day weekend. On Monday, Missy has the dentist, but the rest of the time is open for fun. The kids have asked to go to Sea World. We haven't been in years, so I'm game. Hopefully it won't be too hot. I have issues with theme parks in the summer. Meaning, I'm not going. So if it's over 85, you will not catch me at a theme park, unless it's Wet n Wild. We might go bowling or hang out with Nana at her job, since she works beachside with a pool. And get coconut shrimp on the beach...oh yeah!


Miriam said...

Holy TMI!!! Sorry to hear it though, I've got good thoughts headed your way for the slinky panty days ahead, once you're healed!

Sarah R said...

Yes, I am ready for non-granny panties!
Yeah, I know it was TMI, but it is so predominantly on my mind lately, that I had to type it out.

Anonymous said...

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