Thursday, March 11, 2010

My New Office

So Mr. R and I spent the entire weekend moving my office from the dining room into the unoccupied breakfast nook. We don't need another table for the kids to throw their backpacks on. The only thing we did with this space in the past was to store dog and cat food, and put up our Christmas tree.

I need a new office chair. My big butt has been occupying this chair for six years, and I've flattened it out. You can feel the plastic underneath. Sometimes I fold up a towel for my poor posterior.

On my desk: A Fingerhut catalog, my calendar, a bottle of Victoria Secret Heavenly body lotion (my favorite, and my birthday is in two months...just sayin'), my pink Diva coffee mug, my phone and headset, my highlighters and Sharpies, and on my fax are my two coding books. I use them constantly so I just leave them on the fax. You can also see my shredder right next to me. I don't like it there. I trip on it every time I get out of my chair. That may end up under my desk at some point, but I'm not certain yet.

Oh, and my pink cell phone is there too. I'm not done decorating. I have some coffee art (no, I'm not kidding! For REALS.) that Mr. R is going to hang up for me when he gets home next time. Plus there is one more shelf to install over the fax. That will be for pictures of the kids, and space for my candles. I love to light candles as I work. Not because I'm casting spells, it just smells pretty. Harharhar. I don't do spells!

This is my view sitting in my chair, looking straight ahead. It's the world's smallest kitchen, or as I not-so-fondly refer to it, my Manhattan Kitchen. We are painting out the red to blue. I love red, but I'm over it. And you can see Mr. R's drums past the kitchen. I used to be right next to them. They need to be IN THE GARAGE but we're getting there. Supposedly.

And this is my view of the backyard from my desk (I'm looking slightly to the left.) SOMEONE left the wheelbarrow out. And that is my compost bin right next to it. I don't own a patio set, but I'd like to get one. Sorry the picture is so dark, but it was storming when I took this shot, and my flash wasn't cooperating.

And that, so far, is my new office. I love it!

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