Friday, July 24, 2009

Sorry, Guys!

It's not always exciting here in Sarah-Land. Work has been busy this week, but not frantically so. Although last night, right as I was about to clock out, I got an account for Blue Cross of Puerto Rico. Yeah. I am *no habla espanol" for the most part, and these calls kill me. I frantically called the office trying to find a Spanish speaking coworker, with no luck. So I had to send in a fax request, pathetically translated by me into Spanish. I still don't know if I got "colonoscopy" correct. Who knows what I just precerted, hmmmm?
I can't clock in today until 8am because I have an hour of overtime, and that is a no-no. So I'm sitting here, reading my blogs, eating some toast and drinking my coffee. Trying to wake up Tiger at 7am as he requested, because he wants to mow the lawn before Mr. R gets home tonight. He did most of it last night, but it started thundering and lightning and I ordered him into the house. And it is just so hot out there once it's past 10am, that I really don't want him out there!
I did take some pictures of my attempt at making buttermilk biscuits. Or, should I say, buttermilk hockey pucks. Just an FYI...just because something is listed on doesn't make it a good recipe. Instead, I read the comments on the recipe, adjusted the temperature and tried it again. Better, but not great. Tasted ok, but not fluffy at all. I'm going to attempt making the biscuits with self rising flour instead. There is something about flat biscuits that is just not appetizing.
Well, learning to bake from scratch is something new for me. I do like canned biscuits, don't get me wrong, but the price difference for me baking them myself is enormous. As usual, it's a time situation. How much is my time worth? About 12 biscuits! lol
Anyway, have a great day friends. I'll try to take more pictures next week. It will be Missy's 14th birthday, so should be fun.

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