Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Feeling Well Physically, Yet in a Good Mood Anyhow

Wanna know why? That's because:

1) Mr. R came home
2) We managed to come into enough money to pay for our reversal
3) We are making arrangements to have it done this summer
4) My friend Gloria had a baby last night
5) Even though I don't feel well, I can smile at the days to come.

I know some people may say, "Sarah, what is up with you. You're in college, yet you're actively trying to pursue a larger family. One does not go with the other."
Well, partially true. I am blessed in numerous ways in that I work from home, and my employer is paying for my education. I also have flexible scheduling so I can work around a baby's schedule. I have babysat my boss's beautiful daughter, Baby A, and have already started getting used to that situation. I handled it pretty well, and Baby A is not even my baby, so I was pretty jazzed about it. I've been at my job for nearly 8 years, and my department is one of the few departments who are still hiring, so I'm feeling quite secure.

Mr. R is doing pretty well in his job too. We could have scheduled the reversal for sooner, but Mr. R's company stated that they needed him almost completely through March to June, so we think we'll be making our reversal trip in July. We both realize that this is not a guarantee, and since we chose a place that doesn't charge more than $5000, if it doesn't work out, at least I won't be crying over the money. We will have a nice vacation together, possibly with our kids, not sure about that part yet.

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mom2nji said...

I am just over the moon excited for you!!!! Its awesome news.