Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Something to Talk About Besides this Infernal Election

One, I admit I'm up watching the results. Not shocked. I know who is going to be our next president. He was chosen already. This is just a game.
Second, Nicola had her baby! Due to the unusual quality of the name, I have decided I'm going to call her Baby A. Baby A is a sweet little girl, born at 5:23 am, and weighed 8lb 11 oz (a half pound bigger than any of my kids were!)
I hope that playing with Baby A will soothe my baby-wanting ways. If not...sigh...I guess I'm going to be babysitting as much as I can!
Mr. R went with me on my walk this morning. It turns out that I apparently swing my right foot in a weird way when I walk. He thinks I might need new shoes, too.
Well, peeps, tomorrow is a new bright sunshiney day. So have a wonderful night, ya'll. I'm going to snuggle in bed with my man and watch the first black president get elected.

Spongebob For President
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Above: the only qualified candidate!

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