Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Didn't Slack Off Today

Day 2 of Lifestyle Change.
Brrrr, its cold outside, baby! Or in Floridian terms, it's not 95 with 100% humidity! No, there is actually chill in the air. It was about 45 degrees when I stepped outside. My sneakers are probably in in, why are we on her feet again? She just used us yesterday! And today, I went farther, too. Yesterday I only did one lap around the block, attempted a second lap but the calf cramps got me and I limped my pathetic butt home. Today, I did two full laps. I have no idea how far a lap around my block is...I'm already realizing that as far as walking goes, I don't really have the "equipment" for it. I definitely need a pedometer. And I could use an iPod. Listening to traffic is boring!

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Anyway, I feel great. It helps that the weather is not so hot and I'm able to exercise without sweating profusely. I really don't like to sweat. I joke that there is only one reason to sweat, and exercise ain't it.

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