Friday, August 8, 2008

Lobster, Coffeepots, Laundry and my New Desk!

I think I finally reached a new record, of "weirdest title for a post, EVER!"
First. Lobster. Yummmm. I know, it's so cliche, but I frickin love lobster. We went to Red Lobster in Sanford last night for our anniversary. My wonderful boss Nicola babysat the boys. Now THAT is a boss, my friends. Anyway, I had lobster, scallops, word, it was a Jewish nightmare come alive, but it was so tasty. And I had two mango mai tais, which was like Hi-C fruit punch with booze. MY WORD...

Lobster Knife Fight
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Second. Coffeepot. MINE BROKE!!! I had to have instant for the past two days which is a horrifying concept for me. I am probably the most laid back, easy going person you will ever meet, but I am a stuck up coffee snob and a severe caffeine addict to boot. I was not pleasant yesterday or Wednesday. INSTANT? Icky icky poo. So after our huge lobster dinner, I needed to walk around before lobster came out of my orifices. So we went to Target. There, I saw the coffeepots. I looked at Mr. R. I made the face I always make when I want him to buy me something. I batted my eyelashes because thats what we girls do. I'm not sure how it works, but it does. He didn't even blink. He said, "That one?" and I said, very demurely, "Yes, please." And it was mine! Bwahahahaha!

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Then this morning, I realized that in my foul mood, I have not done laundry in about four days. We have no towels. Kids have no underwear. The pile is taller than me, which is not hard since I'm only 5 foot 4. But still. So I got my butt started on laundry. There is something about the smell of dryer sheets in the morning that makes me smile. Plus I have coffee so nothing could go wrong today, right? If I had a clothesline, I'd get the towels done fast, but of course I'm still waiting on that. Ahem.

Clothes Line Kid

Last but not least, my new desk arrived today. Mr. R is going to put it together for me later. I'm glad I have the weekend to set it up as I like it. I don't have a working camera right now, so I can't take a picture. Soon my pretties, soon!

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Miriam said...

oh YAY!!! I can't wait to see your new desk!!! If your camera's still broken, you have to borrow one from a friend and take one stinkin picture for me... please!!! I'm batting my eyelashes, friend... hahaha!!