Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Need a New Dryer

I have done six loads of laundry today. I know, color me crazy. With Mr. R leaving today, I had to make sure my man had clean clothes for at least two weeks. I never know when he's coming back. I also (again, I am CUCKOO!) decided to clean the boys's room. I found dirty clothes in every hidey spot in that room. What is so wrong with using the &%^&*^ laundry basket?!?! Anyway, we threw out broken toys, candy wrappers, socks with holes, paper plates, and broken cds. Then I started laundry.
Load 1 went fine. Put Load 1 in dryer, started Load 2. My dryer is old (at least 15 years old, and not at all energy efficient). It takes at least an hour to dry one load of clothes. It was still early in the morning as I did this. Took Load 1 out of the dryer, and put Load 2 in the dryer. Then I started Load 3 in the washing machine. Took Load 1 into my room, turned on the fan, and started folding. I'm sure ya'll get the idea.
Anyway, by the time Load 3 was in the dryer, I was sweating. All three kids have been mildly ill, so I just assumed that I was starting to feel feverish myself. Until I walked by the thermostat. 84?!?! It was 84 degrees in my house, but meanwhile my thermostat was set for 76. Hmmm, I'm not math genius, but that doesn't add up. I pulled Load 3 out, started Load 4, and went back into my room to fold. On a side note, I have the world's best fan in my room. It is uglier than homemade sin, but could blow the dimples out of a golf ball. I will keep this fan until it explodes, I don't care how bad it clashes with my design. So I sat on my bed, folded clothes, drank ice water, and basically ignored the problem stewing in my laundry room. By the time I walked out of my room an hour later, it was 86 in my house. Thankfully, Load 5 was two backpacks and a blanket, which won't fit in my dryer. I have to hang those up on my dining room chairs because I don't have a clothesline. I desperately want one, as I have a quarter acre property and no HOA, so I can hang one up if I feel like it. However, Mr. R keeps forgetting to put one up, and I am strictly forbidden to use his tools while he's gone.
I lowered the thermostat to 72, power bill be damned. As I write this, the temperature has finally dropped to 80, which is still about 5 degrees higher than I want it. The dryer has been turned off for over an hour. I checked the fuse box and the outside unit, and everything is working fine. So the only thing that could be causing the heat is the dryer.
So, load 6 is socks and underwear. I hate to say it, but it's going to have sit in the washing machine overnight. I'll run the dryer in the morning when its not so hot out. For a gal who lives in Florida, I seriously cannot stand the heat. August is probably the worst month here, too.

Dirty Laundry
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I wrote a haiku in dedication to my drier:

Inefficient box of heat
Ah, you are dying
Are driers on sale at Sears?

I may do haiku more often. Pay attention, you never know when I'll bust one out.

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Miriam said...

bahahah!!! you're haiku busted me up, girl!!! nice one!