Monday, June 23, 2008

I Got an "A" in my Keyboarding Class....

Said the girl who already typed about 55wpm before the class even started.
It does make me feel good that I passed my final exam typing 94 correct wpm. Apparently, my fingers are faster than my brain. Who knew? (shouts from the audience...we all knew!!!)
School is going well. I still have not received my student loan check for my new desk, which is pretty annoying, considering that I've been in school for six weeks already. The desk that my friend from church offered to give me didn't work out. It was not only very tiny, it was one of those metal desks, which would not fit in with our decor at all. I did find one I liked from Kane's furniture, which is where we got our dining room set. Since I have an open line of credit there, I may go for it. Then I can just pay off the desk when the check rolls in. My current desk is driving me ABSOLUTELY BATTY.

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