Friday, June 20, 2008

Two Weird Incidences

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As I'm sitting here waiting for my shift to end at work, I am sitting here contemplating about these two things that just happened. I wonder if God is asking me to shine during difficult times.
I realize most people on here don't know me personally, so a little background is required. At the age of 4 months, my biological father left my mom and shacked up with another woman. I grew up not knowing him at all. We did connect a few times through letter writing, but nothing personal. At age 23, he found me through the internet, and we corresponded for seven years, again not meeting each other at all. On my 30th birthday, I cut ties when he refused to admit my existence to his other children...does everyone get that?
Now, this past weekend, he almost died. The man is in terrible health. He has high blood pressure, a history of depression, diabetes, and he had a major heart attack over the weekend. He had either a triple or quadruple bypass on Wednesday and managed to survive. My cousins called to let me know that my Sperm Donor was possibly on the way out. Tell does one react?

Second situation. Mr. R's sister, who I will call Sissy on this blog, lives about 45 minutes from us. Due to us having extremely different lifestyles (I don't drink, she drinks until she passes out) we don't hang out much. Sissy is married, and has a son who is 14. They had a roommate (Tricia) who was also quite the drinker, from what I hear. Well, the roommate died today in a car accident, in which she was a passenger in a vehicle where the other driver was drunk.

Both of these incidents are obviously stressful, scary, and sad. I emailed Sissy to ask if she needed any help calling her roommate's family and going through her things. I can imagine that is tough, and they were so close. With the Sperm Donor situation, it was beyond me to even react. As emotional as I get, the idea of his death did nothing to me. I sat here like a lump on a log and said, "Oh," when the cousin called to say that the man who gave me life was close to death.

Death brings out the worst in us, does it not? One day, Tricia was out partying at the bar having a good time. The next, Sissy was identifying her body at the morgue. I'm sure the Sperm Donor was probably out in Vegas having a Diet Pepsi and a steak, and keeled over, not even knowing how badly his arteries were clogged. When worst comes to worst...when a friend dies, when a family member dies, when your dog dies, who do you become?


Julia said...

Wow. I'm sorry about all of that. Whatever you are feeling is ok, be it sadness or indifference, or anger, or whatever else. I think you can't know how to react until you just do when it comes to that since you weren't close to those people. It must be confusing.

Leslie said...

I don't know how I found your blog but I like it. :)

This post is similar to something in my life. My son doesn't know his father (father's choice). I don't think my son owes our DNA donor anything. Even if the donor were to become ill.

Sarah R said...

Welcome, Leslie. I'm glad you like my silly ramblings!
I would agree, I don't think your son owes his donor anything. I just try myself not to be bitter over it. When I was a lot younger I was, but now that I'm in my 30s, I've mellowed out a lot.