Monday, June 30, 2008

Bucket Did Great!

My sweet Bucket did a great job at the dentist's office. First, they decided to let me go back with him. They didn't let me go back with Missy, but since I had to write that Bucket had a history of seizures, they figured I'd better hang with them. He didn't like the x-rays but he didn't fuss or complain. He had to re-take one of the x-rays because he didn't sit still and the x-ray was all fuzzy. Then, the dentist came and she said he didn't have a single cavity. I was thrilled. I mean, I may not have taken my kid to the dentist, but I did make sure he was brushing his teeth! Today, Mr. R is taking him back to the dentist at 4pm so he can get a cleaning and some sealants on his back molars.
The only time he got annoyed was at the very end when they tried to give him stickers for being good. Bucket equates stickers with being a baby, and he got pretty ticked. He was sitting on my lap when that happened and I whispered in his ear "Don't mess up now, you've done great today. Just take the stickers and say 'thank you!'" So he did, but I could tell now he was annoyed with me. Then we walked to the grocery store from the dentist and got him know, candy as a prize for not getting cavities? Hahahahaha!

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