Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So, Sarah, Why are You Going Back to School?

While driving around with my darling hubby the other day, we had a lovely chat. Missy was home watching the boys so Mr. R and I could go grocery shopping. Out of the blue, he said,
"So when are you planning to leave home to go back to work?"
I was startled. I have no intention at this time to leave the house.
"When did you want me to leave the house?" I asked, sort of meekly.
"I don't." was his curt reply.
"Well then, I was planning on staying home, honey."
"Then why are you back in college?"
Ohhhh, I can see where this is going now.
"Honey, I'm not going back to school to leave the house. In fact, this is assurance that I get to stay home, right where I want to be. What if something happens to you and I need to work more? At least it will be a good job, not minimum wage. If nothing else, I consider getting my degree more like an insurance policy. I hope I never need it, but it sure is nice to have it sitting there in case of emergency."
Silence at first on his end. Then relief. I think he was expecting me to go shopping, buy thousands in business wear and pointy toed shoes, and run out the door with my briefcase and leave him there wearing an apron!
(I'm thinking of the visual, and laughing. Mr. R in an apron, hahaha)
"I was wondering who you thought was going to be able to watch Bucket."
"No way, hon. Bucket is my responsibility. I'm not pawning him off on anyone else!"
"Oh good. Now you have to learn how to cook better. You should have went back to school for that."
Sheesh, everyone is a critic.

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