Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to all my Mommy Readers

My special day...actually the entire weekend...was BUSY. I'm so relieved that it's Monday and I can relax by working! lol!
I have another special day coming up on Thursday. It will be MY 33RD BIRTHDAY. I'm never ashamed to tell people how old or young I am, because age is not just a number, it's an attitude. And I'm pretty sure my attitude lately is someone the age of about 14. Grrrrrr.
College is super easy so far. Annoyingly so. Of course, I'm only in one class, and it's some stupid personal development class, but if the courses continue to be this easy-breezy, I'm going to step up my pace and possibly go full time and get it over with! Why drag stuff out? I'll know...I think by October...if I can pull off full time college.
And of course, I have not had algebra yet, so we'll see. Most people know my fear of said class.
I only have 40 accounts to do today, so I will have time to catch up on laundry and dishes. Mr. R is also home. We have a local job lead for him. He needs to call them today at 8:30. They have a post on their website about how drivers need to be 40 miles from the terminal, and we're 46 miles. Sooooo, we need to call them and ask if he should even bother to continue the application process if they're just going to reject us over 6 miles. Because we have to pay for a background check and that is $92. I'd rather not waste the $92 if geography is going to rule him out, you know? Not only that, but its driving fuel tankers, which he swore he would never do because "you're basically driving a bomb around town." Those are his words, not mine. And if you have to work holidays or weekends, he will withdraw his application. That would be a lateral move, maybe even less than lateral. I will of course let my readers know how the situation is working out. Please continue to pray for Mr. R to find a job where is home for his family on a regular, scheduled basis!

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