Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Me and the Girls from Work

Not much to post today, except these are some of the lovely ladies I work with.
Tonight is saxophone practice, me studying in the car, dinner, studying and bed.
Mr. R left for NJ today. Poor guy! Oh, and I'm the one in black trying desperately to hide my body behind my coworkers...not fast enough this time. Before anyone says anything, I just bought new bras for my bday ok? I know I needed a new one!


Julia said...

You look cute. You dress nice and you have a good smile. I hope this doesn't come across rude because I mean it nice. Based on your description I thought you would be a lot fatter than you look in the picture.

Sarah R said...

I think I work what I have pretty well! lol I always try to wear flatting clothes. I wear lots of wrap tops because they "cinch" me in at the belly, where most of my weight is. Normally I wear my hair down because I think it makes my face look thinner, but I was outside and it was a gazillion degrees out there.
I've always liked my smile too. Thank you for the warm compliments!