Friday, June 8, 2018

Six Months of Sarah Selfies

So I spent nearly six months not blogging, which is definitely weird for me.  I was still taking selfies the entire time, mostly because I am straight up fascinated with hair and I'm forever taking pictures to make sure it looks good.

Completely unsure about this top.  I got it on sale from Lane Bryant, it was under $10, it's a size 14.  The sleeves are floofy and weird.  It's literally the only white shirt I own.  I get compliments but it's just not a shirt I wear often.  I've had it for a year, I think I've worn it twice.  And of course, I spilled coffee on it, because that's who I am as a person.

I love this photo of me.  My eyebrows look great, I like my cute bird scarf (got at Goodwill for $2, peeps!), my skin is clear and my hair looks great.  I like this photo so much that I use it for my LinkedIn profile.  Do you use LinkedIn?  I like it more than Facebook.  

I'm not crazy about the color of my hair here, but this...this is my favorite cut.  I can never recreate the cuts, either!  Then my sister reminded me that my stylist always straightens my hair, and that I don't own a straightener.  Oh.  That must be it.  I'm definitely an inverted lob hair girl.  

And here is the inverted lob without a straightener.  Still cute, but I do like it straighter.  This posting of pictures is really helping me figure out the hair situation!

This had to have been a chilly day.  I'm wearing my chunky gray sweater (instead of my usual thinner gray cardigan) again with a scarf (this one is from Target from probably 5 to 10 years ago!) and if my hair is pulled back,  that means I'm unhappy with it or it needs to be washed. 

Blue is a great color on me.  Unfortunately, I need to see my stylist,, stat.  This is awful!

Roots.  Oh my.  Younique makeup too, which is seriously the bees knees and does amazing stuff for my skin!

Another sweet top I scored at the Goodwill, probably for around $3.  

My eyes match the color of this top.  It's a cheapie Walmart $5 tee. 

I liked this shirt, but I ended up donating to Goodwill because it kept riding up and exposing my gut.  This royal blue color is the world, amirite?

Me and the girl, during one of the times she was out of rehab or jail.

Hair time needed again.  And I'm wearing one of my daughter's tops from City Chic which I bought her when she was a freshman in high school.  Hey, if she's in jail, I get to wear her clothes, right?

Bangs and purple hair.  Super cute!

Close up of the purple in the sunlight.

Yeah.  Digging the bangs.  I've got a teeny tiny forehead so I think this is cute.  

A gorgeous spring day in Florida means I get to ride home with the moon roof open.

This was after I got the rose gold on my birthday in May.  Still don't own a straightener.

My necklace is the NYC skyline!

And there you have it.  6 months of me obsessing about my hair and makeup.  All the makeup is Younique (except maybe some of the eyeshadow, I still do have some of my older palettes) and most of my clothes are Goodwill.  Ain't that something.

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