Friday, February 24, 2017

Not Again!

Well, hi there.  Life is going along swimmingly.  The job is great.  My son and his fiancee set a January wedding date for 2018.  Bucket will not be graduating again, and he got turned down for social security disability, so we will be getting a lawyer.  But other than is pretty good.

However, for some reason, there seems to be a cycle in my life that keeps perpetuating.  And that is: 1) I got into another car accident.  2) The company I work for has merged into a larger company.
But good news is: 1) I was not injured this time (at least I feel fine right now, I have 14 days to decide to get medically treated) and 2) instead of losing my job for the merger, I was added to a huge company that has even better benefits and tuition reimbursement than what I have now, PLUS, I may have an option to work from home very soon!  YES!!!!

I ran a 5K with my sister.  Terrible time.  1 hour 3 minutes.  But really, it just leaves me room to improve.

Running at the park with my sister after work.

This picture amused me.  Like the cat gives a damn that it's banned.  It's a cat.  

I did something new!  I got my eyelashes tinted.  Not sure I will ever do it again.  The process took longer than I expected, and having to lay in a room while I couldn't see with this cardboard jammed by my eyelids really freaked me out.  There's a reason I don't wear contacts.  But I admit that my lashes do look great and I haven't had to wear mascara in two months.

This is my new puppy, Bella.  She is Tequila's daughter and the last puppy who was not adopted.  I adore her.  The kids named her.  She is very resistant to house training and while I love her, I do not love the tiny puddles and tiny turds that are sprinkled all over my house.

The director of my company walked around on Valentine's Day to deliver cups of candy with warm smiles and hugs.  Seriously, could this place get any better?!

Finally, a full length picture of me, but my son is really just a terrible photographer who doesn't care.  The tree is casting shadows and I look diseased.  But oh well...there you go.

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