Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

I had a very nice Thanksgiving, and I hope yours was just as wonderful.  I didn't overeat, controlled my sugar, and enjoyed my family.  Unfortunately, we did not get to tile the kitchen.  We ended up with a flood in the kids bathroom and ended up needing to fix that instead.  I'm not too upset; owning a house seems to come with lots of problems and I'm glad this flood happened while Mr. R was home to fix it!

I have to document good hair days.  Also wearing the jewelry my mom got me last Christmas.  This is actually leather.  The earrings match, although I realize you can't see them.

6 puppies on snuggle mode.

Taking a quick selfie before driving to my mom's for Thanksgiving.

My daughter finally seems to be healthy (and sometimes happy.)  Depression and anxiety are difficult, and it's even harder as a mom to realize that I can't always help her.

Adding a little Bailey's to my coffee.  And that's where the title of my blog post comes from...this awesome shirt I ordered on Amazon.  It's a size XL.  And I truly am; thankful, grateful and blessed.

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