Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's Cliche', But I'm Now 40 and Fabulous

My 40th birthday was Friday, May 15th.  To say I love birthdays is an understatement.  I was pretty geeked when I woke up and the facebook messages came pouring in.  Love!!!  But first...I have to show you my birthday hair.

Not even the prettiest supermodel looks good with tin foil in her hair.

This better work out.  Seriously.

My hair didn't look this good on my WEDDING DAY, peeps.  Oh. My. Word.

Can you believe I had a pixie this time a year ago?  And that I've had it cut several times since then?  My rapid hair growth is one of the reasons I've decided to let my hair grow out.  I can't deal with the bushiness of my hair and the constant upkeep and going to the salon every two to three weeks for trims.  No.  I can't deal. I don't even know what my stylist did.  All I know is, I showed her a picture, she started mixing colors, and I got this.  And I absolutely love it.  I am pretty sure this is the happiest I have been with my hair in YEARS.  It's brunette mixed with red and purple, and I simply adore it.

My daughter drove me to the train station.  She needed to use my car because she needs to do a brake job on her Durango.

Teal maxi dress, just purchased at Walmart this week for under $15.  Size 14/16..  I probably could have gotten the 12/14, but then it would have been too tight on my tummy, so I stuck with this size.  I'm wearing my Bare Traps sandals from Ross, earrings I also picked up from Walmart, and I threw my Lane Bryant black cardigan over this to ride on a chilly train.

My new coworkers decorated my desk!  Wow!  Here I am giggling in delight.
The doctors also bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers...purple daisies.  Then my department (there's only 4 of us)
bought lunch, and I got a card with a $50 gift certificate to!  Are you kidding me?!?!  I was so surprised!  Then on my way out the door, they bought me an iced latte to bring on the train for my ride home.  I was so moved that I called Mr. R in tears, but happy tears.  To think I spent 13 years at my former job being treated like total garbage.  I so love my new job and feel incredibly blessed to be part of this group.

So my daughter picked me up, and we ended up at the mall.  With 45 minutes to kill before my birthday party at the local Mexican place, we ended up at the tattoo/piercing store.  This was my daughter's gift to me.  No returns allowed, I guess.  :)

Yes, that's my ear.  I got a helix piercing.  Now you can also see the earrings I wore with my teal maxi dress.  The piercing didn't really hurt.  But it sure started to burn as the night went on.  And I rolled onto my left side twice in my sleep and nearly catapulted out of bed from the pain.  And stupid me is in the habit of putting my hair behind my ears in an absentminded way.  Ummm, no.  That hurts.

The night ended at the Mexican restaurant where several of my friends gathered.  My sister and her husband, my daughter, my two best friends Emily and Ginger, Ginger's husband and children, and my friend Jenn from church...the people I love the most were with me and I just sat there stupidly grinning from joy, happiness and gratitude.  My husband unfortunately was not home, he got stuck in Ohio and that was the only part of the evening that bummed me out.  My boys also didn't come, as neither one like Mexican food, so that wasn't great but I needed to choose a place with a gluten free menu for my sister and Ginger's husband.  My stepdad was on call and couldn't come, and my mom has been ill, so neither one of them made it either.  I invited my in-laws being polite, and none of them showed up.  Not even slightly shocked over that.  I was home by 10pm, snuggling with my puppy.  It was the perfect end to a great birthday.  Turning 40 is awesome, I am so blessed and happy.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings me.


ஐღReneeღஐ said...

You look Beautiful....

Anonymous said...

Such a nice day and you look beautiful! No doubt, 2015 is going to be your year -Natalie