Thursday, May 14, 2015

Goodbye To My Thirties

Today is the last day I will ever be able to say I am thirty-something.  Tomorrow is my 40th birthday.
It's kind of interesting to think that statistically, my life is more than likely half over.  That will make you stop and ponder, won't it?
I'm having dinner with my friends and family at Don Pablos tomorrow night after work.  And yes, I am working an entire day because my job is still new and I don't dare ask for any time off that's frivolous.

I have been so busy I only take selfies in the car.  It's pretty pathetic, but I do that in the mornings and send them to my husband since we never see each other.

Decided to get my hair done for my birthday.

You can see it tomorrow...when I'm 40!!!


ஐღReneeღஐ said...

Welcome to the 40's club :-)

dickshan said...

click here

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see your new hair do! :0)

ஐღReneeღஐ said...

Oh how did your hair turn out?
I wanna see :-)