Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Is Just Bogus

I thought things were turning around.  I thought my life was on the upswing.

How about a car accident?

My poor, poor, new car that I just got in October.

Luckily, the damage is not terrible.  I take the train to work, peeps.  I drive from my house to DeBary, Florida, and take the train all the way to my office.  It's awesome.  I don't even have to think, I just sit there and read or play on my phone.  I knew today was going to rain, so I was even happier that I was avoiding the interstate, and could just drive the ten to fifteen miles home from the train station.

Then some goober decided to rear end me less than 5 miles from my house.  And hit me SO HARD that I in turn hit the car in front of me.  I was the meat in a car accident sandwich.  Both my front and rear bumpers are damaged, the Dodge emblem on my grille is missing, and my license plate is bent.  I didn't get a ticket, because it wasn't my fault.  For now, I feel fine, but I am starting to feel the ache in my left shoulder and back/neck area which means I probably have whiplash and should be in some serious pain very soon.

I don't believe in karma.  But if I did, I would seriously wonder what the HECK I have ever done to anyone, because I just cannot catch a break here!  Yes, I did find a great job, but everything else is basically hell in a handbasket!  Lost my job, no health insurance, grandfather died, the miscarriage that still hasn't ended, the flu...seriously WHAT ELSE?!?!

If I was the drinking kind, I'd get a drink right freaking now.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there!!! It could be worse. I'm so glad you like your job. Have a nice weekend -Natalie