Monday, January 26, 2015

Not 100%, But Getting Closer Every Day

This is the miscarriage that won't end.  I am *still* bleeding, and not just spotting either.  If I had health insurance, I would have already gone to get a D&C, but they don't just hand those out to people walking into hospitals, so I continue to suffer.  At least I'm not having abdominal pain anymore, I would just like to regain my energy.  Bleeding for three weeks straight is no bueno.

But I persist, I carry on.  My husband insisted that I go buy new bras because I was clearly sagging in my old bras.  I went to Lane Bryant wearing my two year old LB bra, which was a 44C.  I got re-measured at a 40DD.  Here's what happened:  in one year, I lost four inches around my rib cage!  And my girls didn't shrink!  Good news!  I love my new bras, I almost feel like my posture is better and my girls have moved back to the northern region where they belong.  I also found this interesting Lane Bryant top for only $20.  I bought it, and then realized even their smallest top at size 14/16 is really too big for me, so I can't wear to the office like I had intended.  It keeps falling off my shoulders.  But it's fine for church and for going to the beach!

It was a gloriously beautiful Sunday morning.  I know I say it every year, but January is just one of my favorite months here in Florida.  The sun shines, it's not blistering hot, you can open doors and windows during the day and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Bliss, I tell you!

This hair.  It makes me want to say bad words.

The sleeves are called dolman.  They look strange on a hanger but do great things for me.  Plus the tummy area is ruched so it slims me down immensely.  I even love this intense pink magenta color, and it has stones on the collar, so no need for a necklace.  

The skirt is an XL in straight sizes from Target and I'm wearing Target flats in silver that you can't see.  This hair.  It is at the point where I now have to pull it up again in order to see or to make it look decent.  It actually makes me angry.  I am dying to pixie it again, but my husband insists that I look much better with longer hair.  I know he wouldn't lie to me, so long hair is so much work here in the south.  I already dread summer where I am going to be working with the dreaded ponytail and bun again.

After church, I went home, did some Jamberry stuff online, then went to the beach with my friend Natalie.

This is right at sunset.  We did three miles of walking on the beach just talking.  It was nice.  I shared my faith with her (she asked!) and we admired the sunset and the fresh air.  It was a good weekend, for sure.

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Jill said...

I have the same problem with tops. Either they fit in the shoulders and chest, but are too snug around the waist and hip area. Or, fit around the waist and hips, but too big on the top area!