Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pixie Update And Old Clothes

I know I've worn this before.  Like I've said in the past, not every outfit can be brand new.  Today, I had to bring Ben the dog back to his previous owner.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  I had that dog for less than a month and I truly enjoyed his company.  But he was not the right dog for our house, and I was growing to resent his constant growling at my sons.  Ben was so happy to see his previous owner.  I handed over his vet records, and his new chew toy, gave him a huge hug, and said goodbye.

I think you can really see how quickly my hair has grown out of my pixie already.  It's long enough on top to pull up again, although the back is still quite short.

This is the back of my pixie (duh, it's clearly not the front.)  This is about three weeks grown out, and I'm not scheduled for another trim until August 6th!
My husband's best friend just told me on facebook that I look like James Dean.  Thanks for comparing me to a man.  Appreciate it.

So, what do I think about having a pixie hair cut so far?  I'm going to tell you 15 things I like, and 15 things I don't like.

Things I like about pixies:

1) I love having short hair because almost all girls and women have long hair.  I like being different than most everyone else!
2) I love that my neck is not as hot, and my headaches have all but disappeared.  I know, you can put your hair up, but my hair was so thick and heavy that it intensified my headaches, not relieved them.
3) Coloring my hair is much easier!  I only need one box now instead of two (or three).
4) I love that having short hair puts emphasis on my eyes, instead of my hair.  I also love that you can see my earrings now, and my necklaces aren't hidden either.
5) I think my new bed head is hilarious.  When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I do is check my hair to see how crazy it looks.
6) I got rid of every ponytail hair holder and gave them all to my daughter!
7) It's easier to do fun stuff to the long part of the pixie because it's not as much hair as having to do it to your entire head.  Curling takes less than 20 minutes, instead of an hour or more!
8) I use far less shampoo and conditioner.
9) Knowing that I can't hide behind my hair has given me the impetus to really work on having better skin and having fun with creative eye make up.
10) I can finally wear hats!  I had so much hair before that they didn't fit my fat head, but now I can slip them on with ease.
11) One of my favorite websites, Whippy Cake, talks about how she doesn't wash her hair for over a week at a time.  I didn't understand that at first (sounds gross!) but now I realize that pixie hair works so much better when it's about 2-5 days dirty.
12) I like the juxtaposition of wearing very girly clothes with short hair.  Reminds me a lot of that 90s fashion when girls wore baby doll dresses with combat boots.  I like that a lot.
13) At 39, I feel 39 which I believe is a good thing.  I'm not desperately trying to hang onto my 20s.  39 is just fine for me!
14) My shower drain is beautifully clean.
15) Not once have I caught my hair in my car door or window since the cut.  My husband hasn't rolled onto my hair while we're sleeping and trapped me,  I can also go swimming and exercise without having to pull it back or it getting in my way.

Things I don't like about pixies:

1) My husband doesn't like it.  He prefers me with long hair.
2) When your pixie is having a bad day, it's pretty bad.  When you're having a long hair bad day, a bun or ponytail fixes everything.  I can't "bun" my problem.
3) The assumption that I'm a lesbian.  What????  Is this really still an issue in 2014?
4) Many of the products I've tried now that I have pixie hair, gives me dandruff or scaly buildup.  Sometimes they make me itch relentlessly.
5) I don't like the way my pixie looks with glasses, and I wear glasses probably 8-10 hours per day.  I think I just need new, cuter glasses though!
6) My nose is front and center.  I mean, it's not like I could hide it before, but you guys know by now that I really do not like my nose.  I don't know if it has anything to do with my pixie, though.
7) Sometimes, I just miss having long hair.
8) I really need to invest in a flat iron, because I get poofy thanks to the humidity.
9) You don't just get a pixie and are done.  If you want to keep your pixie looking good, you have to get it trimmed and shaped up every 3-4 weeks.  I admit, it's a hassle and it costs money.  Plus my hair grows incredibly fast, so I get shaggy pretty quickly!
10) When you have short hair, those grays show up even faster.  If you don't mind gray, then you're fine.  But I am not ready for it, and I find myself coloring my roots even more often than before, probably twice a month!
11) Finding a stylist who gets pixies.  It took my stylist three tries before I got it pretty much how I wanted it.  I really love my stylist!
12) A lot of pixie tutorials on youtube are for women who are young and thin.  Ummm, I'm NEITHER.  So a lot of times I feel silly attempting these styles because I do not want to look like a 39 year old trying to look 19.  That's LAME.
13) When a woman cuts her hair, it can change her entire view on her closet.  Things I wore all the time pre-pixie suddenly don't feel right.  I find myself wanting much more feminine clothes.  I wore pants and the required tee shirt to VBS last week and was incredibly uncomfortable with myself.
14)  I had no problem running to the store with no make up on, and a bun in my hair pre-pixie.  I pretty much will not leave the house anymore without at least powder and my eyes done (unless I'm going to the beach, then I seriously don't care.)
15)  Sex.  Yeah, I'm still having it when he's home (of course not when he's not home, silly!)  Maybe it's going to take me some time, but I am not feeling quite as sexy with the short hair.  My long hair was definitely part of my sexuality, and it's gone.

So that's my long winded list!
Oh, one last thing for my plus size friends:

Do not ever, and I mean EVER buy the flip flops at Lane Bryant.  These have to be the most uncomfortable flip flops I have ever owned, and I have lived in Florida since 1987 so I consider myself an expert at this point.  You'd think the thick foam of this shoe would be comfy, right?  Well, it is.  The the piece of plastic holding the thong on is right in the arch of my feet.  I think this plastic piece is trying to detach itself from the foam and permanently imbed itself in my foot.  Considering I have an incredibly high arch, I can imagine this shoe mangles everyone's foot, and not just mine.  I desperately wanted these to work since they are SO CUTE on my foot.  I mean, hello, turquoise and sparkles?!?!  But they're horrible.  Save your $20 and buy yourself two pairs at Target instead.  Sorry, Lane Bryant.  I love you and your clothes but these are terrible.   Oh, and the pedi is Jamberry, the design is called Sheet Music.  I'm having an online Jamberry party this week on facebook.  Want to join?  Leave me a message on here and I will get with you personally so I can add you on facebook!

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