Sunday, March 9, 2014

Job Interview

I have one tomorrow.  Yeah.  Terrified?  Kinda.  It's not a work at home position.  I'd be back at the office.  With people!  It's at 11am.  This is how serious it is....I bought pants.  I KNOW.  I went to Lane Bryant with my bestie and she helped me pick out a great outfit.  Its a pair of gray pants, trouser cut.  I didn't buy the blazer.  If it fit my breasts, it was too tight in the shoulders.  If it fit my shoulders, I looked like I was smuggling a watermelon.  Weird.  I have enough nice cardigans that I can pull off heels or flats, my new trousers, and a blouse with cardigan.  Luckily, the department that I work in now, is right next door to the department I am interviewing in, and I already know it's fairly casual.  Most of the women wear pants and polo shirts (no way in hell will I do that!) so even by coming in with trousers and heels, I am looking more management than anyone else.  It's good to know your target.  So anyway, please be praying for the right thing to happen.  I want the Lord's will in this, not my own.  Truth be told, I could be content to stay right where I am, as long as I could get my desk moved to a different area of the house.  But I think I'm ready for people.  I think.

Ugh!  I get chatty when I'm nervous.  Here's today's pics:

Today's skirt is a 2x that I got on eBay at least a year ago.  No tag in it.  It's a true wrap, meaning that there are two buttons and a prayer holding this bad boy up.  I was nervous all day that it would fall down.  However, it's really cute and very easy to fix (at least in my head) so I'm gonna keep it and see if my mom will help me adjust the buttons to make it tighter.  Huh, and the reason why it took me so long to wear it was because it was too tight.  Glad I saved it!

It is really bright outside, trying not to squint.  Wearing my old Coldwater Creek black wrap top.  It's also too big for me now.  But I love this top.  I'm going to stalk the next size down on eBay.  Have my orange tank top on for Orange Sunday, and my new Aerosoles flip flops.  I found them at my local Ross for $12!  They are so comfy and I was even able to buy them in a regular size 8 not a wide width.  

I can see the weight loss better from this angle.  Buh bye, back fat!!!  Still got that keester, though.

Once my mom fixes the buttons, this will be a staple.  It's very lightweight (silk?  polyester?  IDK!) so perfect for hot Florida sticky summers which last about 8 months.  It's 80 degrees right now if you can believe it.  Gorgeous, perfect weather.  I should have been at the beach.  Maybe next weekend!

Tiger trying to get Miss Poe to sit still for a picture.  This puppy has boundless energy.  

And she can't figure out fetch, either.  I throw the toy.  She runs after it.  Then she tries to bury it.  Sigh.

Doggie kisses!!!


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I will be praying for your job interview- That God's will - will be done. Very nice outfit. Congrats on losing weight!
God bless~ Lisa :O)

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow! I can tell you have lost weight - looking good!