Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Time To Heal

I missed you all.  I needed to sleep, to heal, to beat the nasty incision infection and to do a lot of crying and talking.  It was good, but it hurt. 

I lost two babies in 2013.  Praying that 2014 will be better.  Mr. R and I decided to try one more time.  If I have another miscarriage, I promised we would be done.   He wanted to be done as soon as soon as we discovered my fallopian tube had burst.  I still can't give up...I have one tube left, darn it.  Use it or bust, right?  (Please don't burst, last tube.  That crap hurt!)

So, I have outfit photos to share, although I am not very pulled together in them. 

I gave my daughter the brown wrap dress after I saw this photo.  I am almost legs are no longer a good feature and I really feel like I need to wear at least knee length or longer skirts and dresses.  I was very self conscious in this dress.   I wore this the weekend of December 15th.

Also put the top in my donation pile. I love the shape and fit, but the color is just ick on me.  I got both of these pieces at Goodwill.  Love my leopard shoes still!

Bruised and battered wrist from the IV they shoved in me.
I didn't take pictures of the incision where my tube burst.  It was not pretty.

Yeah.  I wore pants.  My exotic reason was that I hadn't shaved in over a week.  The outfit is almost entirely Lane Bryant, both pants and top.  Multi colored tank underneath and my Christmas shoes from American Eagle.

Ready for church!
And last but not least, the family photo I intended to send in Christmas cards, but was too sad to do this year.

I had cropped out my tummy because I was starting to show.  Goodbye, little baby.  You were loved.

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