Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sequins and Sparkles and Leopard, Oh My...

I didn't post last week because no one would take my picture and I couldn't find my tripod.  Luckily, my guilt trip skills worked this week and Tiger took the pictures.  He complained the entire time until I reminded him that he expected me to take him to Publix after church for snacks and then he complied.  The way to their hearts IS really through their stomachs.  Lesson learned.

Avenue top, purchased in March 2013 for $7...I needed something green for that Sunday at church!  I hadn't work it since.  Shame really, it's very cute and I like the sleeves!  eBay skirts, there's no tag in it, but I got for less than $5, and brand new Target flats I bough this past week, $16.  They're leopard!

My hair has not been cut, it's just in enough clips to set off a metal detector.   So the top has sequins, the skirt has sparkles, and then I wore leopard.  Is it too much? 

These shoes are so comfortable it's almost not right.  They're as comfy as running shoes.  And they were on clearance!  I got a 9 1/2 because the only other sizes were 11 and 6 1/2.  They are slightly big on me but no blisters so I think I'll be fine.  And hello...they're leopard!!!

I am on vacation three days last week, and three days this week.  Missy had all four wisdom teeth out last Wednesday.  She is recuperating wonderfully although I learned that she whines even more when she doesn't feel well.  I cleaned the house although after two days, you can't tell I ever touched it.  Oh well...job security I suppose.  For my three days off next week, I am having lunch with my mom, a doctor's appointment for me, and then my bestie is having her baby on Wednesday!

Laundry and dishes call me.  I pray my readers have a blessed week. Also, someone leave me a comment.  I am starting to worry that section is broken!  :)


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I was having problems leaving comments on any blog or even replying to comments on my blog for a couple of weeks. I think I am able to comment again. We will see. If you get this comment - it's working again for me.
Lisa :O)

Sarah R said...

Yes, it's working!!! Thanks Lisa...I was starting to worry that it was broken or something.

Jill said...

Glad to hear Missy's wisdom teeth are out. Did you ask her if she feels less smart? Sorry, couldn't resist.